Numerology Analysis
Ravi Shankar Prasad
Born on 30-8-1954
With number 3 and 3
Combination of Jupiter and Jupiter:- The combination of Jupiter and Jupiter are good. They are friendly number. Jupiter gives knowledge, Prosperity pleasure and long life.
In His Name
Ravi Shankar Prasad
10       19          19
Total :- 48 which is a combination of Rahu and Saturn gives good results.
48 for his full name:- 48- An unlucky number. He is highly intelligent and talented person. Its a number of which can trap a person in a web of fate. Even knowledge possessed cannot be used for their own survival, and such people will be in wrong places at wrong time and become victim of their own.
Born on 30 :- He likes to fulfil every duty of his career. He has noble and religious mind. He has great potentialities.
He is an optimistic person about life and living. He has the ability to communicate and inspire others.
Destiny Number 3:- Jupiter is present in his number. People with this destiny number 3 are usually happy, satisfied and do not worry about anything. He has interest in ancient history and politics.
Karmic Advice:- Selfless Service
Color:- Yellow.


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