Gautam Gulati

Born on 27-11-1984

With number 9 and 6

Combination of Mars and Venus :  The combination of Mars and Venus is good. The combination of both makes the native practical.

In his Name – Gautam Gulati
19            18

Total :  37 which is a combination of Jupiter and Ketu which gives neutral results.

37 is for his full name :  37 a lucky number. This number holds significant power. People with this number sees rise of their fate in love and affection.

Born on 27 :  He has a confident personality. Sometimes he is very sensitive and moody and his action are unpredictable. He is a sympathetic and deep thinker. Long range projects can fascinate him.

He is better in dealing with troubles of the many than the problem of a single person.

Destiny Number 6 :  Venus is present in his number. People with this destiny number 6 are usually home oriented, exude understanding and compassion. Easily affected by praise and criticism, responsible and willing to sacrifice for others, value friends and provide a safe port for them in time of need.

Karmic Advice :  Discipline. He will rise in his career at the age of 33.

Favorable Days :  Tuesday and Thursday

Color :  Red and Yellow


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