Numerology Analysis

Arun Jaitley

Born on 28-12-1952

With number 3 and 1

Combination of Sun and Jupiter:- The combination of Sun and Jupiter is good. The combination of both gives name and fame.

In His Name


9 16

Total :- 25 which is a combination of Moon and Mercury which makes him wise and a fine orator.

25 is for his full name:- 25- Its neutral number.It reveals that power will come from experience and learning from others.Success comes after lots of initial struggle.Its result is auspicious in future related things.

Born on 28 :- This number is governed by the planet Sun. He is talented, skilled and posses cool administrative capabilities. He knows how to get things going and make things happen.

He hardly ever reveal his emotions and therefore appeal cold.He is an excellent planner, with a talent for directing and managing groups of people.He has an exceptionally analytical and rational mind.

Destiny Number 1- Sun is present in his number. People with this destiny number 1 are usually enthusiastic, individualistic. In his speech he is direct and candid. His nature is charged with individualistic desire and the need for personal attainment.

Karmic Debt Number:-9 He is a self-made man forced to stand on his own feet without any help of others. He has the power and energy to struggle and fight with obstacles.

Health Issues:- Chest and lung disorder and there is power of speedy recuperation.

Favorable Days:- Sunday and Monday

Color:-Golden, Yellow.


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