Numerology Analysis

Karan Patel

Born on 23rd November 1983

With number 5 and 1

Combination of Mercury and Sun :- The combination of Mercury and Sun gives knowledge and the native develops a sense of business in him.

In His Name

Karan Patel

11      21

Total :- 32 which is a combination of Jupiter and Moon which makes him truthful.

32 is for his full name:-32-This is an auspicious number as the future is concerned. If they give importance to foolish advice or insistence of others they could not succeed. If they implement their ideas themselves they will succeed.

11 is for his first name:-The Number 11 is a combination of Numbers 1 and 1 – It is not an auspicious number.

Born on 23:-Those born under the Number 23 are enthusiastic, ambitious people. He has a creative thinking, he is very open-minded and imaginative. He is not afraid of any obstacles. At times people of Number 23 may be somewhat nervous, but usually he keeps his emotions under control and are able to restrain their passions.

Basic Number 5- He is very optimistic,cheering and energetic. He is logical and his mind is full of creative and mature thoughts. He has good imaginative power.He will gain benefits from those people who belong to other cast,race or culture.He doesn’t like any kind of rules and restrictions etc.

Destiny Number 1 -Sun is present in his number.His luck always help him. He will make progress in his field beyond expectation and get a highest and important position.

Health Issues:- Headache,Cold and Mental tensions etc.

Favorable Days:-Wednesday and Friday.

Weak Periods:- May,September and December.

Strong Periods:- April and October



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