Numerology Of Bigg Boss 9

According to me, Prince Narula,Rochelle Rao and Mandana
Karimi will enter in finale of Bigg Boss 9

Bigg Boss 9

9+15+9=33,3+3=6 Venus number

If I take only 9+15=24, 2+4=6 again 6 Venus number.

Now Final contestant names

Prince Narula

Born on:- 18.9.1990

Basic no:- 9

Destiny no:-1

Name Number

Prince Narula

24 + 18 = 42

Now 24 for his first name and 42 for his full name and it makes 6 Venus number. The results of both numbers are same and its a very lucky number in itself. Give a luxurious life to an individual and his number match with Bigg Boss 9 number.And his destiny and basic number also match with 9 number of Bigg Boss.

Rochelle Rao

Born on:- 25.11.1988

Basic no:- 7

Destiny no:-8

Name Number

Rochelle Rao

33 + 10= 43

43 is for her full name:- Not a lucky number

33 for her first name:- An Auspicious number she can reach new heights in her career.

Mandana Karimi
Born on:- 19.3.1988

Basic no:- 1

Destiny no:-3

Name Number

Mandana Karimi
21 + 11 = 32

Total :- 32 which is a combination of Jupiter and Moon which makes her truthful.

32 is for her full name:-32-This is an auspicious number as the future is concerned. If she gives importance to foolish advice or insistence of others she could not succeed.

21 is for her first name:- The Number 21 is a combination of Moon and Sun proves to be very favourable number gives success and prosperity.

So it is clear that Bigg Boss 9 winner will be Prince Narula.


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