12 White Horses- Ensure Beneficial Investments by Placing 12 White Horses in the North-North-West Zone

Zone of Placement – North-North-West (NNW)

Zonal Energy-Improves life and make investments beneficial.

Placement Procedure – On the floor.

Facing – Centre of the Building.

Planet – Moon

Element – Water

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According to Vastu,a Sculpture of 12 White Horses placed on the floor, in the North-North – West Zone of your building ,enables you to secure money for buying land,and for building construction.

In industry, this remedy aids in generating capital investments and gathering of funds for machinery from financial institutions.

If you put a model of a new building in the North-North West Zone, and place the 12 White Horses over it,then you can ensure a quick and profitable sale of the building or property. This remedy is also effective when it comes to buying and selling of land.



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