Facing The Gap Spread

I did this reading for my client he had just general questions.

First Card- What is Possible in his life- The Star- A new will power will come and his difficulties will soon disappear and a new more positive future will begin.He must trust in himself as he already have the answer.

Second Card-What is Important in his life- The Chariot-Important things in his life is determination and self-control,if he is on the correct path he can control his life. He should not delay his speed of any challenges or whatever things in his life because this will cause him to not reach his intended destination.

Third Card- What is Courageous thing in his life- Ten of Cups- His family is the most courageous thing in his life.His family is also very dear to him,A place that has always offered stability and security. His family share and care for each other,and offer support during difficult times.

Fourth Card-What is Unimportant thing in his life- Hermit- His loneliness,he keeps everything to himself.He doesn’t need guidance because he has good knowledge of everything.

Fifth Card-What is Necessary in his life- Seven of Pentacles- Patience is required to reach his goal.He has the time to raise his head from all the heavy work and take stock of how we proceed from here. He must review his situation to see if there are any alternatives or options other than what is on the table in front of him.

Sixth Card- What is Joyful in his life- Knight of Wands- His forward thinking is joyful and his creativity. He has big ideas and plans.

Seventh Card- What is Funniest things in his life- Page of Wands- Funny things about him is sometimes his immaturity attitude or sometimes his inner-child out to play and have a blast. He worries about getting old before time.

Eight Card- This help him to get ahead- Ten of Swords,The World-After struggle he will get a hope,he just have to learn the lesson from his life.


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