My Client has health problem so her question is regarding health only.She always thinks about her health.

What She SeeS-King of Wands- She doesn’t appreciate what is good in her body.Her behaviour is so dormant now either because of pain or fear of hurting herself after healing from a disease.She always thinkstarot that her health will become worse.She should eat well,exercise etc.

What She Does For Her Health-Four of Cups- She is allowing herself to be victimized by her ill health,and not thinking positively and seeing new things like these days many facilities have come up. Yes this client has knee problem like in this card the way he sits means problem in a leg.

What She Feels And Are Sensitive-Knight of Pentacles and Three of Wands-She feels that good diet,good sleep can make her health better but she doesn’t follow diet everyday.Yes her health will be better but in a very slow process.

What She Thinks About Her Health-Eight of Cups-She worries a lot about her health which will continue to exaggerate the problem.Her negative thoughts are effecting her body and mind. So there is a pre-requisite to be positive in her life and it’s the most prominent reason to be healthy.

What Is About Her Health- Eight of Wands-With the Help of Yoga or Meditation her health will be better in that manner,which has never imagined by her.


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