My reading of a married client who have faced so many tortures & traumas in her life. Although her married life was going on smoothly but unexpectedly something has occurred due to which she took the decision of a divorce, I did a reading for her. I did a question spreads for her like what is her situation, what she is afraid of etc.

Her Situation-Three of Wands- She is waiting for good opportunity in her life like travelling, to set up a business. She wants a new change in her life.

This is how it happened- two of swords-She was not ready to take decision and knew that decision should be taken. She was thinking that ignorance is bliss but not in the long way. It was very painful decision for her.She was emotionally blocked.

This way she feels today- Two of Pentacles- She is managing her life, her family and the trauma of her divorce with loads of her stress in her mind and heart with so many thoughts of unpredictable future although her wish is to save all possessions for her future. The card two of pentacles says to her that new possibilities come through her way but she has to understand those new changes and must be ready to go with a changing flow.

This is what she is afraid of- Three of Swords- She is afraid of sadness, heartbreak and pain.Some memories are still present in her mind and soul but three of swords is telling her to let go of the old suffering as they are affecting the present and future. She is afraid of expressing herself. If she allow herself to forgive and be forgiven then her strength would not be broken forever.

This will be happen in future- King of Wands-Maybe a new opportunity will come from a male, she will be happy and needs to take risks, but weigh them up.

This is the warning tarot cards are sending- Five of Pentacles-This client have financial burdens, struggling of anything for this if someone is ready to help her she should be ready to accept help and should be open about her situations instead of feeling ashamed or humiliated.

This is the suggestion tarot cards are sending-Ace of wands-Ace of wands is suggesting her that green light whatever she is doing or what she wants to do she can do that but should now show her potential by her creative force.


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