How will be 2017 For Narendra Modi

This year he will bring new information,he will feel more optimism and passionate about work.He will do more work and do more miraculous things. Some people will betray him and he will get shock for this. However there will be more stressful and challenging year.

How will be his Political Career in 2017
He has all the potential to get something out of the time he is putting in. He will accomplish his endeavor for India.Some people will break him by putting too many obstacles in his aim like oppositions will not like his agenda of working or not accepting new things. But he will come out of this trap. People will appreciate his work.

How will be his International Political Career in 2017
He needs to pay attention to remarkable opportunities and pounce!
He should not let good things slip through his fingers by being unsure.

Numerology Predictions
Number 9- Mars
A year of variety experiences. His psychological attitude towards this year is very important. He should cultivate the attitude that all the things come to an end-but to make way for the new.This year the circumstances are looking better than in previous years so he should work on achieving his goals. His friendship group consists of all different types of people that could play apart in his success this year.


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