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Tarot Symbols


A man sits on impressive throne between 2 grey pillars. Dressed in a red robe and green mantle. It reminds that you are at point in your life where you exactly deserve to be.

Crown-Authority, Command and Royalty. It is experienced in matters of balance, truth and equality.

Scale-Equality and balance, it tells which part of our life is out of balance. When the scale is tipped more to one side we know we need to take some corrective action.

Sword-Represent double- edged action.
1.Right thought
2.Right action (self-examination)

A little white shoe pops out from beneath cloak-reminds of the spiritual consequences of our action, pure motive.

Purple Raped behind-Compassion

Grey Pillars-Physical world.

Square in his crown-Well ordered thought.


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