The Devil

The Devil sits, half beast, half man on perch in a black room.

Fly- Very primitive when we are duped into thinking we are unworthy.

Flames – No darkness only absence of light, when we carry the light in our hearts and minds, lower level energy will always be dispelled. It also represent hope.

Five Pointed Star – Pentagram-5 points of the body, the head, arms, legs, symbol of harmony amongst all the elements-Inverted cup side downs-Means disharmony. It also represent the 4 elements along with 5 elements I.e spirit.

Chains-Being bound to habits, thoughts. The chains are attached to man and woman binding the couple together they could free themselves if they wanted to but the Devil led them to believe that they are trapped and they have no option, or choice.

Naval-Human qualities

Donkey Ears-Stubborn and Materialism.

Devil with a torch- Animalistic nature of a man.


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