Four of Swords- Solitude, Relaxation, No Movement, Total Retreat, Will not listen to Anyone, Too Tough and Refusing to move.
The man is in a tomb and 3 swords it still hang over him in a very threatening manner that tells his problems have not necessarily gone away. He is tired.

Stained Glass- Symbol of perception and how our vision (Mental, Physical and Spiritual).

Tomb- Deal with laying to rest the thoughts and things that no longer serve us. It deals with coming out of poorly suited mind-sets freeing ourselves from tomb like belief system, hospital bed.

People- Is talking about you mean evil-eye or help.

Cushion- To provide comfort, he is mentally worn out with stress in his life.

He has many problems. He is in meditative state others are there to watch him. His resting place is only temporary. He must learn to accept grief.


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