Five of Pentacles- Isolation, Health Problem, Insecurity, Worry, Financial Loss or Poverty, Material Troubles, Wrapped in their misery.

It indicates a time of changes of ups and downs and upheavals.


A woman with old ragged cloak hunched over and head towed in the face of icy wind. Feet are bare and frost bitten. An other person two crutches to support him but he is injured. They are homeless. They wander the streets at night, lost in their misery and suffering. They are ill if they may not survive the night if they don’t find help soon they will die.

Stained Glass Window- Maybe church-Spiritual aspect to their want.

Tower or castles above the stained glass it represents protection but they would need to climb upon the window to even notice them. They left with nothing but the spirit or cloak on their back they are shocked they have disconnected with spiritual. Spiritual glass may be someone willing to help them.

5 Now- Isolation, Clean and Quiet. A mab is having a leg problem that’s why he is using crutch.
Women is moving forward and man is at back means they are lonely, they are not going equally. Women eyes closed means she is not seeing. Need very guidance. They are just thinking of their own circumstance they can’t see a church. They feel ashamed to ask for help.



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