In His Name

Tajinder     Bagga
23             10

Total Number Adds to: – 33-which is a combination of Jupiter and Jupiter which makes him Knowledgeable.

Number 33 is for his full name: – This is a lucky number. It promises the assistance and association of those of rank and position with one’s plans. (It also gains through love and the opposite sex). It means he will gain an assistance from high profile people which will be beneficial for him as well. In his personal life there will be love and support.

Number 23 is for his first name: 23 is a very fortunate number.

Born on 24.9.1985

Born on 24- He is fortunate in getting assistance from people of high rank. His prosperity is after Marriage. He will succeed in speculation and enjoy good monetary status. He is methodical in his ideas.

Basic Number 6 has come from his birth date i.e 24 it means 2+4=6

Basic Number 6: – Venus will make him clever and courageous. He will neither like any interference in his work nor like to work in anxious environment.

Destiny Number 2 has come from his total birth date i.e 24.9.1985




Destiny Number 2:- He is cooperative and always in favour of his friends and followers. He dislikes quarrels and will go to great length to avoid them. He will earn more rewards from work done for others rather than working on his own account.

Mahadasha in Numerology of Moon- Long Duration of Moon planet reflects that, If he indulge himself in any kind of misconduct of certain activities, whether in his profession or in social life, it will lead to the loss of money and reputation with the hostility of friends. In case, if he maintains his good conduct, then he will gain from the government and success in all enterprises.

Ank Kundali is all about various houses of the planets. His Ank Kundali shows that he will gain success after Marriage.  Good financial position.

Karmic Number is a reflection of your Sub conscious & tends to point out your Deepest Fears.

The result of his karmic Number –

– He should learn to weigh the pros and cons as well. Don’t judge people by their outward looks. Look beneath the skin. He will have major issues with commitment and responsibility to others. This will happen in marriage and other close relationship in life. He has to see things in larger scale.

Health Problems:- Cough related ailments. Heart disease, blood pressure, throat related problems, insomnia. According to numerology, he should take extra care of his health during May, October and November.

Strong Periods: The Period between 20th April and 18th May and 21st September to 20th October will be favorable and beneficial for you.

Favorable Days: – Tuesday, Sunday and Monday

Friendly Number-3,6 and 9

Favorable years:- 24,33,42,51,60,69,78,87,96

Colors:- Bright white, Light bright, Sky blue. Avoid dark yellow, Dark red.



Tarot Predictions

How will be his tenure ship as a Delhi BJP Spokesperson?

I drew Nine of Pentacles, Five of Cups and The Chariot. He has reached a point in his life, where he can feel confident and independent. Now he should enjoy luxuries in life which he deserves it. He will bring new ideas with good strategies. He should be happy with what he has, he should be not sad what he doesn’t have. He must work with courage. Someone will work against him. He should do his best and don’t waste his time on worrying about the way other perceive his efforts. If he is right people will see in the end.

How will be his political career in Delhi?
Cards Drawn- Five of Swords, Ten of Swords and Page of Pentacles
There will be some clashes with him and may be some people deceive him or work against him. If he shows practical approach in his career in a good manner he will definitely achieve his success.

In the end I can conclude by saying that Mr.Tajinder Bagga will gain his fame after certain struggles, but to gain that fame, he needs to develop certain positive approach, & along with practicality in his life. He must be careful while dealing with people especially in his profession.



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