Numerology Analysis of Well Known Politician Shashi Tharoor

Born on 9th March 1956

With Number 9 i.e from his basic number and 6 from his destiny number.
In his name

Shashi Tharoor

18     28

Total :- 46 is for full name. Combination of 4 and 6
And result of 46 number he brings problem to himself. This number also tells us that when a person used his intelligence then he will get success.
18 is for his first name: This number denotes Family Problems and misunderstanding. He has already faced family problems.

28 is for his second name that is his surname only. This number 28 indicates loss through trust. The number 28 demolish stability or change in everything. And 28 denotes that wives leaves the husband either by divorce or through death.
Current Dasha according to Numerology is of Rahu which starts from 2016 to 2020. In this Dasha period there are chances of wrong decision, It may create attraction for the vices and other negative activities.
Now his numeroscope chart according to vedic numerology.

Venus is coming twice and Mars is also coming twice in his numeroscope. The combination of Venus and Mars makes him very seductive, and very passionate lover and someone who is dynamic in his approach to love and relationship.

Combination of Venus and Jupiter from his numeroscope makes him very intelligent and wealthy. These two combination may also create problem in relationship because Jupiter teaches higher knowledge,and Venus is worldly planet it. That is why married life lack some happiness.

Combination of Mars and Mercury from his numeroscope makes him very energetic in communication and have very analytical mind

According to Pyramid Number in Hindi we say stupank

His Pyramid Number is 6. That is also of Venus planet.

If we take all the numbers from his dob, dasha and pyramid

The numbers will be like 6,9 and 4.

Combination of Numbers 6,9 and 4
He has equal obsession towards wealth, luxuries and conveniences of life. This combination makes him stalker also. Their appetite for sex, lust and passion is so great that no one can satisfy their needs. They feel the need to be with someone from foreign lands that is independent and active.


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