Numerology Analysis of A Famous Politician Subramanian Swamy

Subramanian Swamy is an Indian Politician, Economist and Statistician who serves as a nominated Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha.

Name:- Subramanian Swamy

Dob:- 15th September 1939

Basic Number adds to 6 and Destiny Number adds to 1.

Basic Number 6 from his date of birth that is 15 (1+5=6)

Basic Number 6- He is tactful and clever. He gets to know the secrets of other easily. He has a high degree of life force.

Destiny Number 1 that derived from his full date of Birth 15.9.1939 (1 +5+9+1+9+3+9) = 37 (3+7= 10) (1+0=1)

1- He is strong and full of Vitality. He is a born leader and he knows how to express his views or thoughts clearly.

His name adds to:-
Subramanian Swamy
31 15
Total:- 46 is for his full name

And Result of Number 46 is that symbol of success, luck, wealth, knowledge and global fame.

31 is for his first name :-He has a great mental capacity and loves to explore his potential. He loves freedom of speech and act. He is the leader with clarity. This number is a neutral number neither good nor bad.

15 is for his last name: He loves everything that pleases senses. He has a high energy that makes him stay younger for a long period.

Now His Chart According To Vedic Numerology.

Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Mercury are in his numeroscope chart which depict that he is very intelligent, fearless and brave individual. His speech has great optimism and hope, yet is aggressive and goal oriented. He loves communicating and always want to win the conversation.

Current Dasha in Numerology is of Jupiter (3)

His Destiny Number is also 1 and the Zodiac Number is 5. The combination of 1 and 5 makes strong opinionated and intellectual person. He speaks with authority and have very good communication skills. He dominates the scene with his intensity and strength.

Zodiac Number is 5 ( Virgo)

He is a logical, practical, and systematic in his approach towards his life.

Place of Birth – Mylapore total of Mylapore is 31 that is (3+1=4)
4 number is a neutral number with his destiny number.

Done Ph.D in Economics in the year 1965
(1+9+6+5) total 21 that is (2 +1=3)
3 number is also friendly number with his destiny number 1.

Electoral History

1974 to 1976 Member of Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh, elected on a Jan Sangh Party Ticket. Total of 1974 and 1976 is (3/5) Combination of 3 and 5 was good for him.

1977 to 1980- Member of Lok Sabha from Mumbai North-East, elected on a Janata Party ticket total of 1977 and 1980 (6/9) Combination of 6 and 9 was fine for him.

1980 to 1984 – Member of Lok Sabha from Mumbai North-East, elected on a Janata Party ticket. Total of 1980 and 1984 (9/4) Combination of 9 and 4 was Bad years for him.

1988 to 1994 – Member of Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh, elected on a Janata Party ticket total of 1988 to 1994 is (8/5) Combination of 8 and 5 was neutral years for him.

2016 – Member of Rajya Sabha, Nominated Category. Total of 2016 is 9. Good year for him.

His Lucky Numbers are 1,3,5 and 9

If we take 6 number from his date of birth, 3 number from Dasha and 5 number from Zodiac Number so his future will be like :- He will take pleasure in speaking with honest and sincere communication. He will expand more courage and actions but need to balance his energy also. Some more fights will come but all the matters will go in his favour and he will satisfy. From 2021 to 2022 he needs to take care of his health.


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