The Hierophant Tarot Card Guidebook


The Hierophant Tarot Card (Number 5) is a card that is known for always thriving balance. But it is so much more than just this. Have a look at this small guidebook made by Tarot Card Reader Ruma Marwah to get all your answers.

Which Tarot Card is number five (5)?

The Hierophant

What is the meaning of number 5 in tarot cards?

Five is the number of freedom, change, instability and curiosity. In a reading, five suggest excitement, adventure, movement and challenges.

Five is constantly striving for balance. It’s a chance to embrace change.

What is the Hierophant Tarot Card meaning?

The Hierophant says you choose to live according to the beliefs you share with a group or organization.  He is a kindly teacher, a mentor, or a spiritual adviser. His role is to perform sacred rites that pass traditional wisdom on to the next generation.

What is the Minor Arcana is tarot card number five (5)?

The Minor Arcana Tarot Card Number of Five (5) are as follows:-

  • Five of Wands
  • Five of Cups
  • Five of Swords
  • Five of Pentacles
Hierophant Tarot Card Keywords
The Hierophant Tarot Card Keywords

What are five (5) of Swords?

Five of Swords indicates the devastation of war and recommends using diplomacy to resolve problems. It can also represent serious conflict, stress and lack of communication.

What is five (5) of Cups?

The Five of Cups shows you’re focusing on what you lack rather than what you have- or could have if you changed your attitude. It is the card of upset and loss. It often shows sadness and confusion due to a breakup or disappointment.

What are the five (5) of wands?

The Five of Wands is a card of competition, disagreements, harassment and aggression. It is a time of stress and needing to pull together all of your resources.

What does a reversed Hierophant tarot card mean?

The reversed Hierophant tarot card represents unorthodox and poor leadership. It maybe mislead by an incompetent or egotistic individual at work or on your spiritual path.

You must try to live by whatever belief structure that resonates with your true nature, even if this puts you into conflict with others.


What are the keywords the hierophant reversed card when it comes to rejection of family values?

The keywords are: Rebellion, Misinformation, bad advice and tolerance.

When it comes to rejection of family values, it means you may be clinging onto old habits and beliefs. It is also about challenging the status quo.

What role does Hierophant card play in the development of your career?

It indicates you must follow the rules if you want to succeed. You must involve yourself in group or team projects because it will enhance you in career. You should share your knowledge with others or you can become mentor or coach. You can take help of someone who can align with your career path.

What does the tarot card number 5 mean in love?




Hierophant in love


It signifies a relationship based on traditions, structure, or a spiritual path. These are conventional relationships that follow the rules. The appearance can refer to soul mates or relationships that share a deep connection.





Temperance in love



It is the card of patience, cooperation, balance and moderation. You and your partner may need to explore ways to bring harmony back into your relationship. It can also advise you to let a relationship develop at its own pace- don’t try to rush things.





Five of Wands in love



It encourages you to show up for your love life and becomes willing to participate in whatever comes your way. It also suggests you’re letting your ego rule. You may stubbornly refuse to compromise or make necessary changes.




Five of Cups in Love


Your past that continue to haunt you, it may be time to finally break yourself free from your old wounds. You feel hurt, disappointed, and perhaps resentful. This spilt may open new possibilities for you.




Five of Swords in a Love


It indicates wrongful doings by a partner such as cheating or gambling, bad gossips or dishonest relationship.





Five of Pentacles in Love


You may feel as though you and your partner are functioning on two separate planes of reality. Your lack of communication or connections may make you feel abandoned and alone. This card suggests emotional poverty, limitations, and unhappiness.



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What does the reverse tarot card number 5 mean in love?



Hierophant Reversed in Love


There is a chance that someone is giving you a bad advice. This card is the issue of dishonesty or misrepresentation of the truth. It also tells the partners that do not have mutual values, belief or ideas.




Temperance Reversed in Love


It refers to Over-indulgence, infidelity   or addiction issues. It also represents that another person’s behaviour can throw you off balance.



Five of Wands Reversed in Love


A reversed five of wands card often indicates that your relationship struggles may come to an end.





Five of Cups Reversed in Love


It often indicates that you may be continuing to grieve a relationship from the past. A fear of rejection could also be preventing you from entering a new relationship. A reversed five of cups can indicate acceptance and a new found peace of mind.




Five of Swords Reversed in Love


The Reversed Five of Swords Card can indicate that the energy you are putting into a romantic interest may fail to provide you with the results you desire. It’s important that you begin to review your current love interest’s potential.





Five of Pentacles In Reversed


It represents issues associated to stress and anxiety. You need to make sure you are not putting these fear into your relationship or love life in general. If money issues are affecting your relationship, you can expect your relationship to experience a period of increased vitality and momentum.



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