The tarot card of the High Priestess calls us to pay attention to the signs around us in order to guide us. As such, it can be understood as a call to unlock the hidden potential that is deep within every human being and to grow our deep connection with the universe by promoting it rather than ignoring it.


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The High Priestess

Small Observation

If you’re reading this tarot card during your spiritual journey, you may be facing a great transformation. Expect some surprises, but if it appears in an upright position in one of the Tarot cards, it may also appear in a lower or even higher position.

Which card is known as Number 2 in tarot card?

The High Priestess, Justice, judgement, Two of Wands, Two of Cups, Two of Swords and Two of Pentacles are number Two in Tarot Card.

What is the meaning of the High Priestess tarot card?

Hundreds of years ago there was a female pope. This card symbolizes the veil between what we know and what we cannot know. What is hidden? This card represents feminine intuition and empathic sensitivity. She gives access to hidden knowledge and she encourages balanced judgement through intuitive awareness. Pay special attention to the dreams and intuition. In this way you can gain access to something unrevealed about the future.

What are the keywords of the High Priestess tarot card?

The keywords of the High Priestess tarot card are feminine, intuitive, secret, mystery, spiritual wisdom and occult knowledge.

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What role does the High Priestess tarot card play in love?

There are two meanings of this card in love one is listen to your intuition while falling in love other is if you are committed there may be some secrets about your partner which are not known to you that secret can be positive or negative. You need to follow your intuitive powers to reveal such secrets.

What role does the High Priestess tarot card play in health?

This card is a healing card to connect with your inner sources. The body is sending you signals for health issues which you need to give and it suggests following a healthy lifestyle and there might be chances of hormonal imbalance, mood swings and pregnancy.

The High Priestess Meaning

What role does the High Priestess tarot card play in finance?

The High priestess in financial matters says you will get financial opportunities and this card suggests doing a proper investigation while investing and not disclose your finance to anyone. And trust intuition in order to make the right decision in financial matters.

What is the meaning of the reverse High Priestess tarot card?

In Reversed, the high priestess warns that important information may be hidden or otherwise obscured from view. There is a problem with silence also. This card also suggests that you have many hidden enemies in your life. You need to focus on your subconscious mind to reveal the secrets.

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