What is the meaning of the lovers tarot card?
Lovers card represents an important choice that will significantly influence the course of one’s life. It represents a man and a woman coming together in a love relationship. It suggests that you must consider every fact before taking any major decision in your life.

What personality does the Lovers tarot card give when it is picked?
The personality would be of a person who makes choices from the heart rather than from the head and know how to connect with the people. They are very passionate and attractive personality. Their strongest beliefs will be tested.

What does the Lovers tarot card mean when it is upside down?

In reversed it indicates a breakup between partners, families, and friends. It also indicates a wrong choice being made. It also signifies the lack of compatibility between the partners. One person in the relationship is emotional while the other one is practical.

What role does the Lovers tarot card play alongside Gemini zodiac sign?
It means duality to achieve many things at a single time. They are good with the words with words they can achieve many things.

What role does the Lovers tarot card play in love?
It denotes deeply in love. It’s a perfect time of attraction, love and beauty. The union is blessed from above.

What role does the Lovers tarot card play in money?
You may look for many kind financial opportunities as you are going through the good time of your life. Always consider the pros and cons of each financial proposal before investing.

What role does the Lovers tarot card play in health?
In health wise this lovers card signifies you may have to take decision regarding your treatment. And trust the opinions of those closest to us for a long term implications of any decisions. People around you support you regarding your health.


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