Numerology Analysis and Tarot Predictions of UP Election

So, Who will be the Next Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister?

See What Numerology Report Says

In 2017 UP elections, Bhartiya Janta Party was a historic winner & Yogi Adityanath secured the chief minister seat. Now, just after 5 years, on 10 Feb, 2022, UP elections will take place. This election has become a tit for tat for Yogi Adityanath & Akhilesh Yadav. So, if you are excited to know who will the next UP chief minister then let’s see what numerology says about UP elections 2022?

The election date is 10.2.2022 where the basic number is 1 (1+0) = 1 & destiny number is 9 (1+0+2+2+2+2) = 9. Both 1 & 9 are friendly numbers whereas the BJP has a total of 46 that is also equal to 1.

It signifies that number 1 people are doer & excel in their decision. They are enough to handle any flock of situation. Overall, this number makes a person walks upright for the fulfilment of the goals, as from the past BJP & Yogi Adityanath did an excellent job.

On the other side, Samajwadi Party’s total is 38 = (3+8) = 11 (1+1) = 2

As a result by, adding total from 10.2.2022, the number is 9 which is friendly for BJP from date (1) & destiny number 9.

The voting date is 10.2.22022 & the voting year is 6 (2+0+2+2) = 6, where the basic number from voting number is 10 (1+0) = 1. Now, 1 is not matching with the year number 6 but matching with destiny number 9 that is (1+0+2+2+2+2) = 9.

Next, considering Yogi Adityanath D.O.B. that is 05.06.1972

Basic number = 5
Destiny number = 3
(5+6+1+9+7+2) = 30 (3+0) = 3

So, his numbers are 5 & 3.
All in all, both numbers are matching with election date 1 & 9.
Moreover, his running age is 50 that has a number 5 which is also a friendly number with election date. People with number 5 are ready & courageous to take the bold steps in their life exactly similar to Yogi Adityanath.

Talking about the opponent, Akhilesh Yadav

His D.O.B is 01.07.1973
Basic number = 1
Destiny number = 1
Age is 49 which equals to (4+9 = 13) (1+3 = 4).
Where, 4 is a neutral number to election, destiny & basic number.

Overall, as per numerology, there are chances of Yogi Adityanath to become UP chief minister where Akhilesh Yadav’s contribution cannot be ignored. There can be win-win situation for both. However, BJP will form a government but they may need a support from other parties to form a government.


Now, let’s see what’s Tarot Prediction on UP Elections

Three Tarot Cards appeared for Samajwadi Party – King of Cups, Seven of Cups & Ten of Cups. They signify victory, honour, daydream, emotional balance, repress, good luck and lack of stability. The prediction is a mixture of good and bad luck. It means that there are chances that he can win a election just with an emotional support. It may be possible that because of sympathy, Akhilesh Yadav could become a chief minister otherwise it could become his daydream.

Now, tarot cards appeared for BJP is the Judgement, the Moon, the death, the Sun & Queen of Sword’s Jumping card. Well, this time, it is also a difficult situation for BJP. Like 2017, BJP could not make a historical victory. But as compared to, Samajwadi Party, there are high chances that BJP can win but need support from other parties to form a government. The judgement card is in Yogi Adityanath’s favor however, Queen of Swords and Jumping card are indicating that he could not win properly and will make government by joining hands with other parties in UP.


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