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Do I Need to Remember the Meaning of Tarot Cards?

No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to memorise the meanings of the cards. I believe that everyone is born intuitive; the problem is that we don’t know how to improve our intuition. However, when we connect to cards in a structured way under the guidance of a teacher, it will be much better. Only knowing the traditional meanings of the cards will allow us to open our minds to find our own unique interpretations. This will also increase your self-assurance.

Don’t overload your mind with tarot card meanings you’ve memorised.

Start with keywords, and then expand your interpretations by analysing the core symbols and imagery that reoccur throughout the images on the cards. Making a list of correlations between any card and a life event is an efficient technique to grasp Tarot meanings.

Consider the following scenario:

The Chariot: Do you recall your first automobile? What was it like to be behind the wheel?

The Sun:-Is this a card that reminds you of a wonderful summer vacation?

As you begin to associate the card with specific events in your life, you will get access to the card’s deeper knowledge, meaning, and associations. This will deepen your subconscious connection to the deck, making your reading far more accurate.

In other words, if you want to become a good tarot card reader, it requires you to have a relationship with the cards that is unique to you. The most important reason to start reading before you’ve memorized the card is that you will begin to build a personal relationship with them, which is something no book can teach you.

Quick Guide to Read Your Own Tarot Card

Follow these steps & give a try to read your own tarot card:

Get Familiar with Major Arcana

You must be familiar with the 22 major arcana cards before beginning tarot card reading. This is required since each one reflects major life themes and contains powerful symbols that reveal the substance of the message.

Also the Minor Arcana

The minor arcana concentrates on everyday life topics, and these cards flow in a similar way as a deck of cards. There are four suits, each with an ace through ten cards, as well as four court cards (page, knight, queen, & king). As a result, you can get creative and make up a fictional plot using each numbered card as a stop along the way.

Simply Pull a Card

It’s time to pull a card when you’ve gotten a general understanding of tarot card meanings. Begin by placing the cards on the table and hovering your hand over them. Pick that card when you feel a tingling sensation in your finger.

Understand the Story of the Card

After you’ve chosen a card, you may start telling its story. Every card has an image on it, which conveys a tale with a deeper meaning. After you’ve digested all of the visuals, consider how this story pertains to you and your life, as well as whether there is an underlying message.

Listen to Your Intuitive Downloads

The most crucial phase is to use your intuition to figure out what massages the card has in store for you based on the imagery, symbols, and tale it conveys. Recognize and depict the inner sentiments or emotions as well as the card’s significance.

Trust is the Only Key

Without a question, trust and practise are the keys to becoming an expert tarot reader. The tarot invites you to recover your power and learn that the answer you seek is already within you. As a result, always have faith in yourself.

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