Few Ways to Look at Reversed Cards
Indicate that the energy behind an issue are significant but at the same time, they are blocked from coming into expression. It is a good idea to use any card as a significant other in a new split in order to determine what the problem is and how to resolve it. They can have a key influence in how you interpret the spread.
1. Blocked energy:- Reversed card indicates that the energy inherent in the card’s upright meaning is blocked, repressed, and denied, or resisted in some way.
2. Waiting:- A reversed  card can indicates that your client is waiting for someone else to resolve their issue for them. In this case it is generally a  court card which is reversed and the type and suit of which points to where the problem lies.
3. Delay:- Reversed card can denote a delay – possibly in circumstances due to external influence, which may be outside your client’s control.
4. Avoidance:- Your client may deliberately avoiding an issue or problem. If they can resolve it, they will unleash the trapped potential and be able to move on.
Follow these methods for reversed cards.


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