About Ruma

Divine Juncction is owned by Ruma Marwah.

Ruma is a New Delhi based Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist and Merlin Trinity Healer. She is also Gita Tarot Card Reader. Bhagvad Gita Tarot guides you in a similar manner like lord Krishna guides Arjuna to lead simple life. Our life gives us complication in different phases in matters related to love, business, health or any profession. In her school time she had curiosity to know human behavior. She used to solve all the problems of her friends by giving some counseling tips. She choose to turn find all the answers about Life and Soul by simply connecting with Krishna. The answers didn’t come as instantly but in her daily meditation practice gradually it was revealing. She has an empathetic persona, who loves to connect with people at a deeper soul level. She is more spiritual than religious. She always trust in the Universe and her intuition. Her purpose is to tap the cosmic energy around you to help you see your future and understand your present and make sense of your past. Her aim is to bring clarity and optimism. She performs every reading with respect for each person’s spiritual orientation, lifestyle choices and cultural perspective. For you she is just a messenger of god that she will guide you through her tarot cards and numerology. She have helped so many people on personal and professional front.

Her Code Of Ethics

  • Your reading is private and confidential.
  • You have the right to ask questions and understand your reading.
  • She will respond to all question to the best of her ability with as much detail and honest information.
  • Her clients will be treated with sensitivity and respect.
  • She never sell or coerce her clients into questionable up sell like strange spells or expensive blessed candles.