Angels Healing Therapy Course

Angels Healing Therapy

Angels are the messenger of God, they are always watching us guiding us in hidden more, they are our friends, just a call away. As per the ‘Law of free will,’ our guardian Angeles cannot provide their help without our consent unless we do not ask them for support, guidance, and blessing.

Angels are not prayed or worshiped but one can always try to connect and seek help from Angels, all you have to do is think about them or just visualize them.

By default, we all have our guardian angels to guide us throughout life and make our lives blissful. We have to connect with them to seek any Divine guidance. Working with guardian angels gives us opportunities to strengthen self-understanding, develop wisdom, and overcome any kind of obstacles.

Angel Therapy is a powerfully and effective way of connecting to guardian angels and helps us to release fears or other emotional blocks to receive guidance about life purpose and other issues that are causing any disturbance or obstacles and also to heal your body and life.

The guardian angels are governed by the Universal Law of Free Will, hence they can never intervene in any person’s life unless they are not given permission. The Guardian Angels are can always guiding us for our Highest and best of benefits in emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

This comprehensive and powerful Online Angele Healing Therapy course will guide you on how to ask and accept help from your guardian angels. You can learn this technique and therapy to aid your own spiritual path or to help others to connect with their guardian Angels, the course will teach you about the guardian angels and how to connect with them, and different ways in which Angel Healing Therapy works.

You will learn about the history of angels, different types of angels, how to achieve angel protection discover how to express yourself up to them, and how to stay connected with your guardian angel. You will be able to understand and learn the signs and sense that angels are near and if they are affecting your life. We will help to create and get started with your own Angel Healing Therapy business.

Angels Meditation & Ritual Course has such a positive aura, that provides you the knowledge of communication with Angels. While learning about Angels you will feel blessed with more wisdom, Peace & extremely blissful aura of Angels are coming to you. Angels are your guidance of life , making decisions, they open your heart to make it a more beautiful soul. Moreover, Angels meditation relieves your mind & soul from any sorrows, anxiety, Depression, Confusion as they assist you to choose the right direction.

Course Content

• Who are Angels
• Meaning of the 15 Major Archangels
• Space Clearing, Spiritual Detoxification.
• Angel Signs and Angel Numbers.
• Angel Lights
• What is Intuition?
• How to Enhance your Intuition?
• Angelic Blessings
• Clearing Trauma
• Love Light Therapy
• Medtronic Lotus Flower and Metraton’s Cube.
• Oracle Cards (How to give a reading with 15 spreads).
• Angel Rituals like washboard and Abundance Check.
• Rituals Via Candles.
• Powerful Meditation with Angels like Vacuuming with the Archangels, Curse and Dagger Lifting, Vow Severing, Cord Cutting, Protecting and Shielding With Archangels, Violet Frame Meditation.

Course Duration: Online
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