Lenormand Cards Course

Lenormand Cards

Lenormand Cards are similar to Tarot Cards, Lenormand is a much more practical deck. The Lenormand is made up of 36 Lenormand cards these cards gives more clarity when using pairs of cards instead of individual drawings. Lenormand card combinations are key aspect of Lenormand reading. Each Lenormand card, are combined together to predict and tell a story. Each Lenormand card in a spread blends with every other Lenormand card to reveal hidden secrets, insight, and other important information. Knowing the meaning of Lenormand cards important for an accurate and proficient reader.

Learn Lenormand Cards. A very unique cards to provide detailed answers. With the help of this course, you will be able to build a relationship with your cards and can read for anyone.

During this online Lenormand Cards course, you will be introduced to the Lenormand Oracle and the meanings of the 36 cards and also work with oracle spreads to learn – how to read with them for yourself or others.

This online Lenormand Cards course will help you learn all the tools and techniques you need to learn the cards and card combinations, to develop your own Lenormand lexicon.

After completing this course, you will learn how to apply the traditional Lenormand meanings and also how to interpret small spreads with confidence. Learn different tricks to understand the Lenormand Language to know how and what Lenormand cards are indicating about the future.

This online Lenormand course will bring together some of the best in the Lenormand world to help get your readings to the next level.

Course Details : Lenormand

• Introduction to Lenormand Cards
• Details of 36 Cards
• One Card Reading
• Two Cards Reading
• Three Cards Reading
• Significator
• Five Cards Spread
• Six Cards Spread
• Nine Cards Spread
• Cartomancy
• Grand Tableau
• Yes or No Spread
• Time period Spread
• Three Practical Ways to Read Lenormand Cards
• Few Ways to Improve The Accuracy
• Grand Tableau Tips

Course Duration: Online
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