There are some considerations necessary to judge the suitability of a proposed marriage. Out of these considerations at least fifty percentages must be favorabl for couple to be comatible.
Varna :  Due to Varna, it reflects what is the status in the relationship and level of respect between husband and wife.
Vasya : This will cause wellbeing and attachment in the relationship and respect between husband & wife
Tara/Din :  It indicates level of health of bride and bridegroom.
Yoni :  This will indicate understanding and satisfaction level between bride & bridegroom.
Grahmatri :  Grahmatri will indicate understanding, equal wisdom and spiritual level of bride and bridegroom.
Gana :  It indicates level of matching nature of bride and bridegroom.
Bhrakut : It indicates number of children after marriage.
Nadi :  It indicates level of health of bride and bridegroom.
Dosha :
Whenever Mars is situated in 1,4,7,8, 12 the house of a Rashi chart it is called as Manglik Dosha in Vedic Astrology. This condition is astrologically believed to be devastating for marriage, causing discomfort and tension in relationship, leading to separation and divorce and in some cases, it is believed to cause untimely death of one spouse. Manglik dosha should not be in horoscope of bride and bridegroom.


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