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Fu dogs are actually Chinese Guardian Lions. The Chinese will most often refer to them as Shi which means lion. In Japan Fu dogs are known as Komainu.
Fu Dogs – These are in the shape of lions who are so Powerful To protect your home or workplace from negative Energy, as these guardian lions will stop anyone with malicious intensions from entering your home. For eg- envious people who are jealous of you. It could also be people who crush your dreams .Their intentions may be good, but their negative concerns could set you back or even worse make you give up on your dreams.
Many offices, shops, hotels and restaurants may place these Chinese guardian lions outside on either side of the entrance. They are believed to protect their business. They are meant to attract happy and satisfied customers and keep trouble makers away.
The Chinese Guardian Lions are a symbol of power and protection.
Why are they called FU dogs?
Fu dogs may refer to the Chinese word Fu referring to Buddha or Fu which means blessing and prosperity & it’s a very auspicious word in Chinese.

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