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Laughing Buddha is regarded as wealth renders God. This brings prosperity, success and money at the place where it is kept. Preferably it should be kept near the main door as it welcomes the energies entering the home. Otherwise it may be kept on a table near  the main door or in a corner on a stool.
This statue should not be kept in dining or bed room. There is no need to worship it but should be respected with faith.
It heralds in good health, prosperity and knowledge along with a whole lot more. Bringing a Laughing Buddha into the house can only be good for you. In fact, it is the perfect thing to give to loved ones, as nothing is more appreciated than the blessings of This Deity. However, the best thing about Laughing Buddha is that there is no wrong way of keeping them, as long as you keep them away from the toilet and kitchen, and not on the floor. For safety reasons, you should also keep them away from magnetic surfaces.
Carrying a sack and sitting on gold coins
This form of the Laughing Buddha represents wealth. It brings you overall prosperity and abundance. In fact, it is supposed that his sack is filled with candies for children and gold coins for adults. It is best to get this statue in the golden color, as the effects get doubly enhanced for this form of the deity.
You can keep this statue in the north-western side of the house, in your bedroom or even your living room. The second most favorable direction to keep it in is the southeastern side.

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