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Rosemary oil is a protective, cleansing , psychic stimulant that opens Heart chakra. Dispels negativity. This oil encourages Happiness & contentment.
Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)
It provides Clarity, Energy, Upliftment & best for Healing, Love, Protection,& Purification. Rosemary Essential Oil has a camphoraceous, herbaceous scent ,that helps the spirit to receive assistance on the spiritual highway. It helps us remember who and what we are.
Rosemary Essential Oil brings protection to the unwell.
It is used to bring the healing elements of angelic beings forward, although all elements of these beings can be healing if God wishes it. It also helps us to recognize that we have a conscious mind, a subconscious mind, & superconscious mind, and that we are always spiritual beings. Place 2-3 drops on your pillow for Protection. Wear as a body perfume to attract love. You can heal yourself with rosemary oil while taking a bath , by adding few drops of Rosemary Oil in water for minimum one week. It increases creativity by lifting exhaustion & awakens your heart.


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