About Rudra Creators

Entrepreneur of Rudra Creators is Isha. Tishya means auspicious. Isha is a religious person who believes in live & let live. Despite of her religious nature, she heals herself to gain the spirituality. We all face many hurdles in our daily lives. But how we take the particular situation and deal with them is an art, which reveals the real identification of our personality. Isha with her personal experiences has learnt to deal with respective scenarios through her positive approach & confidence. Now she wants to serve humanity in our society by assisting people, by relieving them from their worries, by providing Prosperous Lives to people, so that every individual can remain happy. Isha has launched her healing and spirituality products to live our lives in peace & harmony by the name of Rudra Creators.

Spirituality & Healing- Spirituality is not just being religious but it is concerned with knowing ourselves or connecting to our inner soul which is done by praying to god, by meditating etc. But there are spirituality Products which will provide you with positivity

Spirituality Products – Laughing Buddha, Fu dogs, Crystal lotus, Camphor Lamp etc.

Healing- Healing is done to get rid of the evil eye, to remove the hindrances coming to us. Moreover it is done to gain inner Strength.

Healing Products- Crystal Salt, & Essential Oils

Our Spirituality & Healing Products will protect a person from an evil eye of the other people, also it will heal our mind & Body. These products will surely assist everyone to live a Prosperous Life & the environment of our homes, offices will become truly vibrant. So Use our healing & Spirituality Products to gain inner peace , harmony & Strength, to live a peaceful life with positivity. With all the positivity around, your life will be an auspicious.

Life can’t always Be perfect, but we all have to give it a try in our every new attempt”