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It’s a time to expand your knowledge with advanced Tarot course. In this course you will learn about the compatibility of the cards and how to connect with the Divine. In this course you will be able to interpret for clients in more practical and intuitively.



Psychic Abilities with Tarot

💫Intuition with Tarot Cards

💫Understand the Tarot Court Cards

💫Celtic Cross Spread ( Many ways to Read Celtic Cross Spread)

💫How to read with the Sharp Technique

💫Awaken your spiritual gifts and tarot talents

💫Connecting to the God with flower meditation

💫How to create changes with the help of Tarot

💫Self Development with tarot to create meaningful change.

💫How to protect and clear yourself before and after a tarot reading

💫Personal Relationship with Cards

💫Advanced Tarot and Numerology

💫Tarot Elemental dignities to predict yes/no soon or late type questions

💫Master Tarot combinations

💫Tarot distribution

💫Meet a tarot card in meditation

💫How to identify Significator

💫How to Tell about health and Money.

Eligibility :-Prior Knowledge of Tarot

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