Tarot Card Reading Course

Tarot Card Reading

Discover the most successful and result oriented Online Tarot Course at divinejuncction.com . Master your Psychic Ability and Get started with Professional Level Tarot Card Readings. Learn to Give Accurate Tarot Card Reading from Tarot Expert Ms. Ruma Marwah.

This online course of Tarot Reading includes a full interpretation of Tarot Card Meanings, which includes the Major and Minor Arcana, best techniques to get the most accurate psychic readings, Tarot readings to improve business, career, using various sample readings improve your understanding of the tarot, the different tarot spreads and it’s use for different purposes, and how to psychically protect yourself while giving readings

Tarot card reading is a divine medium to get core knowledge of past events, present or future by formulating a question, by drawing & interpreting tarot cards. Tarot readings can provide you with guidance and predicting the future with the best possibilities.

The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each of this tarot card has its own symbolism, imagery, and story. Out of 72 cards, 22 Major Arcana cards represent spiritual and karmic lessons, and the remaining 56 Tarot Cards represent Minor Arcana cards which reflect the trials and tribulations which we often experience on a daily basis. Further 16 tarot cards from the Minor Arcana cards represent 16 different personality characteristics. The Minor Arcana includes 40 numbered Tarot cards which are further organized into 4 Suits, with 10 cards each, representing various situations that we may encounter. This course will help you learn the card meanings and skills required to become a professional tarot reader.

Tarot card reading is the perfect coach for self-development, making decisions, manifesting goals, guiding others, planning a business, and more. We help you get started from scratch and learn all the Mysteries of Tarot used to help people and start tarot cards as a profession.

This course will help you personally and also get you started as a professional tarot card reader and make a successful business online. Give Accurate Tarot readings with like a professional tarot reader using our online Tarot card course. Use the tarot to significantly improve your business, career guidance, and achieve financial stability.

Get started with our online Tarot Reading Course beautiful way to connect with your inner power and your spiritual gifts. Become a Certified Tarot Reader. We offer Tarot Course which will help you to become a Professional Tarot Reader. With the help of our course, you will be able to build a relationship with your cards & can read for anyone.

Course Details : Full Tarot Course

• Introduction of Tarot.
• Connecting with the Cards.
• Structure of Tarot- Major and Minor Arcana.
• Major Arcana-life’s journey Interpretation of all the cards.
• Elements associated with cards.
• Numerology associated with cards.
• Finding a time period.
• Detailed knowledge about pictures associated with the cards.
• Tarot Spreads.
• Meditation & Remedies.
• Finding Personal Years.
• Chakras associated with cards.
• Creating your own tarot spreads.
• Art of Storytelling.
• The practice of Cards.

Course Duration: 18 Days of Online Course

For More Information Contact: Ruma Marwah

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Phone : +91 9654621858
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