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Scrying Online

Scrying is the practice of detecting significant messages or visions by looking into a suitable medium such as mirror, fire, or water, etc. The word “scrying” means to predict or tell the future using a crystal ball, mirror, fire, water, or any other reflective objects. Due to the use of mirror, fire, or water, scrying is also referred to as hydromancy, oculomancy, or crystal gazing..

Scrying helps us to discover hidden knowledge or future events, to uncover truths. Scrying means to reveal or to perceive, it is an art of gazing into the fire, a dark mirror, water or crystal and going beyond the physical eyes, and open inner psychic eye open to allow us to receive visions and various information.

All you need is a reflective surface as a medium that is used to communicate with the Divine to get messages, lessons, warnings, and nuggets of wisdom. Everyone has this curiosity about knowing the future or improve the present situation, scrying can be helpful to know about career, financial situations, relationships, and more. The visions that are seen during the process of scrying, often provide hints of things that are yet to come in the future.

Our Online Scrying Course will train you through various methods of enhancing your focus, visualization skills and concentration with a selection of practical exercises. You will be trained on how to interpret symbols and colors. Online Scrying Course will develop seership skills and help you identify the most powerful scrying tools. This Online Scrying Course will enable you to understand the process of scrying, the tools and how to interpret your visions.

Course Details : Scrying

• Scrying Introduction
• History of Scrying
• Basic Things about Scrying
• How-to Read Clouds
• Crystals and Fire
• Mirror, oil and Smoke
• Water And Wax
• Crystals
• Mirrors
• Sacred Space
• Light and Sound
• Positioning your Scrying Tool
• Access your Intuition
• Concentration and Visualisation
• Relaxation and Meditation
• Scrying Session step by step
• Specific Questions
• Understanding Symbol
• How to Interpret Symbols
• Types of Visions
• Checking the Validity of your Vision
• Scrying for others.

Course Duration: Online

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