Tarot Symbols

The Sun

The Sun shines brightly. A young child riding white horse.

Naked Child-Freedom, letting our guard down and Ultimate form of expression. Able to communicate our true nature without fear.

Flower-Clarity and spiritual illumination.

Child- Innocence and rebirth of some sort.

Wall- The child has put around himself as protection from negative influences and the dark, symbol of holding back, separating or keeping something from experiences the natural flow of energy. An opportunity also to break through the walls may have built around our hearts.

Sun- Energy of a good health, warmth & banish the darkness, time to live in the moment and enjoy life, success, marriage, self confidence.

Banner on the child’s left hand-Red colour, energy, action, vibration and concentration.

4 Flowers-4 elements

Wreath and Feathers-Nearing of the harvest.
Color grey in brick-Wisdom

Horse- Victory


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