Tarot Symbols

Two of Wands

In this card a man stares out to sea as he stands behind the security of a low wall. Right hand he holds a globe and left hand wand which he places firmly upon the wall.

Flower- Growth, Joy, Abundance.


River-Motion, direction and the flow of our thoughts as well as our lives we must consider the direction we are taking in our lives.

Globe- His personal world, the world that lies far beyond his view, one opportunity is with him and new opportunity will come and he holds the world which is very small one.

Left hand-Superior position, he believes in his wand because he thinks that wand can take him to exciting places.

Second Wand-He has commitment at home, family, business, projects, relationship which he can’t ignore.

Wall-Security and power, need for privacy.

Brown Garment- Earth Energies-Commitment and obligation binds him to his current situation.

Orange, Red hat-Fire energies makes him restless.


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