Numerology Analysis

Ashish Sharma

Born on 30th August 1984

With number 3 and 6

Combination of Jupiter and Venus :- The combination of Jupiter and Venus makes him prosperous,strong and fair.

In His Name

Ashish Sharma

18 16

Total :- 34 which is a combination of Jupiter and Rahu which makes him knowledgeable.

34 is for his full name:-32-This is an auspicious number as the future is concerned. It reveals that power will come from experience and learning from others activities will benefit. Success comes after lots of initial struggle.

18 is for his first name:-The Number 18 is a combination of Numbers 1 and 8- It is not an auspicious number.

Born on 30:-Those born under the Number 30 are intelligent,imaginative and expert in work. He is very friendly,inspiring and humorous. His personality is charming. He feels happy in expressing his thoughts,feelings and observations. He has good friends and well wishers.

Basic Number 3- He is very optimistic,jovial and courageous. He will never run away from hard work and always remain busy in one job or other.He is the man of words and always fulfill his promises. That’s why people trust him. He is very loyal to his partner.

Destiny Number 6 – Venus is present in his number. He will perform his tasks systematically.He does not like laziness and always want to finish his work on time.A person with a destiny number 6 is very responsible towards his work. Such a person is usually very successful in life.

Health Issues:- Skin diseases,Throat ailments, Pain in back and bones. He should pay more attention towards his diets to prevent himself from diseases. February,June,September and December may not be favorable for his health; therefore he should take extra care during these months.

Favorable Days:-Tuesday and Thursday.

Favorable Years:-21,30,39,48,57,66,75,84

Most Important Years:-12,22

Weak Periods:-October and November

Strong Periods:- 21st March and 28th April and Between 10th July and 20th August will be favorable for you.

Color:- Yellow


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