Traot Leraning

Hello Divine People!  I believe anyone can read tarot. The only way is to connect with your intuition. You will have lots of fun learning how to use the Tarot to bring clarity and guidance into your life,  & the lives of those you choose to share your wisdom with.

It is a gift to be to work with Tarot Learning cards and communicate with people at a metaphysical level.
It is a very useful toolbox for personal growth. They can give you direct access to your subconscious mind and to the wise,  all knowing resources of your higher self.  Being able to master your own inner world gives you a stronger ability to navigate through life’s challenges.  Whatever walk of life you come from,  tarot helps you unlock the power of your intuition and inner wisdom.
As you start to work with tarot cards you will find that you will be often be given insights, thoughts,  feelings,  words,  picture and ideas that do not seem to relate to the card in anyway.  That is great because it means that you are tapping into your own Inner wisdom and that message is right for you.
Tarot decks have seventy- eight cards,  which encompass symbols,  numerical qualities and all the seventy-eight have the exact same meaning from deck to deck,  just interpreted in a different ways by each reader. The basic principles are always the same.
The Major Arcana consist 22 cards
The Minor Arcana consist 56 cards

The word ‘Arcana’ is the latin word which means ‘Secret’.

The Major Arcans are a collection of soul secrets,  was added as people developed spiritually.  People wanted to understand where they were on their soul’s journey,  rather than their physical journey. It represents the spiritual needs and events.
The Minor Arcana in the Tarot are a collection of basic secrets or represent the human experience. The first four suits of Minor Arcana ( Water,  Fire, Air and Earth)  are all about physical  needs,  desires, emotions,  and everything else that is related to being human.
Tarot Uses In Your Life and Business 
There are three main areas in life and business where Tarot Learning Cards can be very beneficial.  These are:
1. Personal Growth
2. Using the Personality Archetypes to better understand yourself and others.
3. Future Outcomes and Empowered Decision Making.
Personal Growth
When tarot is used for personal growth, it can be a useful bridge in personal coaching like to change yourself in a difficult situation. The more precise you can be with any questions  you are asking, the more insightful the cards can be in helping you to move forward in your life.
Personality Archetypes
There are several very different personalities to be found in the Major Arcana and in the Court Cards of the four suits.
From the four suits  of Cups,  Wands,  Pentacles and Swords, we have four very different types of people.  These range from the very emotional (Cups)  to the action- oriented (Wands)  to the logical Communicators (Swords)  and the practical organizers ( Pentacles),  with infinite combination in between.
Understanding the strength and weaknesses of these archetypes can give you great insight into the basic character traits of the people in your work and personal life.
Future Outcomes and Empowered Decision Making
A tarot card reading will give you the general outcome of the matters are progressing,  If you don’t make any changes to the way you are thinking, feeling or acting- and the cards assume you don’t make any changes.
However there is very little in life that could be classed as “fixed”. We all have free will in our choices,  decisions and actions. Sometimes things may hit you unexpectedly however you can always decide how you react to those.
If the outcome is looking rather challenging,  you have the opportunity to make changes,  so that you can steer your life in a more positive direction.


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