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Vedic and Chaldean Numerology


A Complete course to learn the fundamental concepts of Vedic and Chaldean Numerology. Discover an intuitive and psychic way to live your life and how to make decisions successfully!



What is Numerology?

Indian numerology emerged in the era of the Vedas, also known as Vedic numerology. Vedic numerology works on the principle vibratory resonance of any number. When actions and the vibration of the number are in harmony, a resonance is created which results in positive results.

According to the science of numerology, each number has cosmic vibration. These numbers can reveal a lot about your aptitude, motivations, character, and life purpose. Based on these numbers, any person can make major important decisions, decisions related to your career, or your relationships. Numerology is a science, how the hidden powers of numbers influence any human being. Science of ¬†Numerology can helps to reveal all aspects of an individual’s personality and how these numbers can work together to create your unique character.

Chaldean Numerology, the most ancient form of Numerology is also followed in India. Since ancient times, Chaldeans believed that everything in this universe is made of vibrations, and numerology is a divination method using numbers that are symbols of varying vibrational patterns that can form a different kind of energy and experience. Numerology acts as a divine tool to understand the secret of life and success.

Numerology is the language of numbers and symbols, a divine relationship between a number and study of the numerical calculations and value of the letters in names and words. It is an ancient divinatory art that draws cosmic meaning and purpose from different combinations of numbers.

Learn Numerology at Divinejuncction.com

Join us at divinejuncction.com, and get started with a professional course to learn and master the science of Numerology from Ms. Rumma Marwah, a Renowned Tarot Reader, Numerologist, and Merlin Trinity Healer.  After taking this course you will be able to understand offer numerology services to clients and have a better understanding of the mystery behind numbers.

This course is focused on learning and awareness of the fundamentals of Vedic astrology. This course is designed to create awareness and learn Vedic and Chaldean Numerology without any prior knowledge on the subject. Join Best Online Numerology Classes at divinejuncction.com, where we provided Genuine Numerology Course.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Strong fundamentals of Vedic and Chaldean Numerology
  • Move from beginner level to intermediate level in Vedic and Chaldean Numerology

Course Module:

  • Introduction Of Numerology, Numbers Vibration
  • Basic Numbers
  • Destiny Numbers
  • Fear Of Number 13
  • numerology name calculator
  • numerology calculator
  • Details About All Numbers 1 To 9
  • Compound Numbers
  • Pyramid Analysis
  • Analysis Of First Letter Of Your Name
  • Ank Kundali And Their Results
  • Numerology Dasha
  • Identify Antardasha
  • Business Numbers, Partner Lucky Or Not
  • How To Calculate Time Period
  • Compatibility With Partner
  • Planet And Their Symbols
  • Identify Soul Number
  • Identify Kua Number
  • Identify Karmic Numbers
  • Multi Values Of Numbers.
  • Life Graph In Numerology
  • Numerology Number Of Money
  • Numerology Vastu Fault Grid
  • Chart Of Friendly, Enemy, And Neutral Numbers.
  • Calculate Personal Days, Months And Years
  • Identify Preferred Marriage Date
  • Major Life Cycle Numbers And Their Meanings
  • Lucky Numbers For Selecting Business Name
  • Lucky Numbers For Business, Address, Mobile And Cars.
  • Pinnacle And Challenge Numbers And Their Meanings
  • Identify Problems, Professions, Lucky Days, Years, Age, Colour, Directions, Lucky Stones, Mantras And Remedies Etc.


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