Numerology Analysis

Arjun Kapoor

Born on 26- 6- 1985
With number 8 and 1

Combination of Saturn and Sun:- The combination of Saturn and Sun are not good. They are neutral number. Saturn puts obstacles in his life and prevents his progress.
In His Name

Arjun Kapoor

15        27

Total :- 42 which is a combination of Rahu and Moon gives some emotional disturbance.

Has 15 for the first name- 15- is not a lucky number.

42 for his full name:- 42- A very lucky number. A man gets benefitted out of love and affection of a woman.

Born on 26 :- He wants to enjoy life without doing anything. He is lucky in money matters and get easy money. He likes to put up a good appearance but have a worrying nature. He is very affectionate.

He has very strong personal needs and desires and he feels it is always necessary to follow your own convictions.

Destiny Number 1:- Sun is present in his destiny number. This will help him to take right decision at every stage of his career. He will become more matured and will perform better as his career grows. He is very original works smarter not harder.


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