It’s your child’s name on your business name, the vibration that name produces has a direct impact on talents, nature, features and future of the name.

Numerology in itself is a science.

Naming the business is a big thing. The role of numerology in choosing a name for business.


  • Business/company name
  • Brand’s name
  • Owner’s name
  • Owner’s date of birth
  • Logo design
  • Tender and launch date
  • Business name suitability with date of birth.


If you are doing partnership then there are some important things to consider like basic number destiny number and zodiac number. If doing business by wife’s name or daughter’s name.


There are many numbers to choose the best numbers. From 1 to 9 series you will get good numbers which you can choose. We should consider whether it suits us or not.


Best number is 33( Kubera) , the number of the lord of wealth. 


Number 51- The Royal start of hanuman


41 is the good number in the series of 5.


In Hinduism, it is a common practice to name a baby based on moon sign or moon Nakshatra. 


It is very important to do the calculation of a parent’s dob.


Numerology plays a significant role in both business names and child names. In business, a name’s numerological value is believed to influence its success by aligning with the owner’s destiny or the business’s purpose. Similarly, in child naming, numerology is used to select names that resonate with the child’s potential and personality traits, aiming to set a positive foundation for their life. Whether in business or personal life, numerology is seen as a way to add a layer of meaning and alignment with cosmic energies to enhance success and well-being.


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