zerovfx_showreel_01The number zero is the subtle gift of the Hindus of antiquity to mankind. The concept itself was one of the most significant inventions in the ascent of Man for the growth of culture and civilization. Zero is not a number and has no numerological value. In the Western occult tradition,Zero is regarded as a symbol of eternity.In the East,where it was known from the dawn of civilization,the zero is known as Sunya(Shoonya) or the void.When zero combines with a number,it gives birth to arithmetical progressions and the series of double,triple and multiple numbers, such as 10,100 and 1000. Zero is considered unfortunate.When a zero appears in date of birth,it brings misfortune.The combination of zero with any number reduces the influence of that number.People with a zero in their birthdate numbers generally have to struggle harder than those without. The presence of more than one zero-October (Tenth Month) 10 makes one have to work even more in life.


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