Tarot and Numerology

Be careful when you approach the connection between Tarot and Numerology. As in Tarot and Qabalah,every number was a given certain value and meaning in the 19th Century. Today,this has changed because of the developments in numerology.Over the years,new questions and ideas have come up.

For instance,which number should be seen as the ”Holy number”?First it was seven,then the eight,then the nine,and the finally number ten.After all this searching,the conclusion is that every number is or could be Holy.

The same holds true for the ”Venus Number” as well as for the following questions:Which numbers are ” Strong” and Which are ”Weak”?For some people,eleven is the number of ”happy beginnings on a higher level”.Others considered eleven as the ”Bad” number.

As a result,every number has a certain value.


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