Today I am going to write about planet Mercury.

Let’s first look into general introduction of planet Mercury.
Name – Mercury

Day – Wednesday

Zodiac Sign – Gemini, Virgo

Colour – Green

Friends – Sun, Venus

Enemy – Moon

Strong by placement in – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius

Grain – Green gram (moong dal)

Tree – achyranthes aspera (apamarg)

Animal – Kitten (bilauta)

Birds – Parrot

Vehicle ( mode of transport) – Horse

Precious stone – Emerald

Deity – Vishnu

Material used in prayer – camphor

Musical tone – Ma’

Common eatable – Sugarcane juice

Gender – Transgender

Shape – Circle (some people has different opinions)

Direction – South east ( some says it’s north)

Daytime – Early Morning

Varna – Shudra

General impression – generally people influenced with Mercury understood as having great future.

Now let me give general representation of Mercury

Generally mathematical calculation is seen from it, when we check happiness from brother we must take mercury into consideration first with other such yoga from kundli.

In relation it shows one’s friends and mothers brother, fathers sister and all the female relatives.

Small brother is also seen from mercury. One’s business is always influenced and seen from mercury first. Commerce , commercial things , calculative approach all is mercury significantion. Business with books and publications is always seen from mercury. It’s the prime Karak of these things.

Chartered accountants, writers, comedians, actors who gives and is known for dialogue delivery , astrologers , painter, advocates , teacher, professor, scientists, research for all this planet mercury is the main factor and these all comes under it’s significantion.
One’s hand , one’s shoulders, neck, skin, forehead, tongue, neck etc comes under it’s significantion. For any issues related to these body parts we must consider effects on mercury first.

Study room , plaster of walls, garden, study and duration when we are at age of students, crops in field, leaves, information, taking admissions, getting admitted, speeches, knowledge of short importance, one’s wits, quick response with speeches or reply, one’s thinking, remedies 😉 , diplomacy, soft articles or things, etc these all comes under it’s significantion.

Mercury alone in 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 11 gets good effect according to its significantion. It makes people having good wits and these people always are the one who can impress you with their intelligence in their first meet, and leaves the impact of being too knowledgeable. Makes people gain high position in society. This kind of mercury makes people successful businessman if other yoga in one’s birth chart is supportive. But mercury is always the prime Karak for all these. If one had yoga of doing business then if of mercury isn’t in good position, he cannot becomes exemplary or that successful.
In forth bhav mercury is not that fruitful and isnt able to give it’s general significantion ( fourth bhav is the bhav of moon in kalpurush kundli. If it’s gets placed in it’s friendly sign then even in trik bhav it gives it’s positive effects and makes people people friendly and gains popularity with social work if other planets adds to it.

If mercury is afflicted then it makes people like getting mad,or behaviour that equals madness. It even can promote one having suicidal tendencies in these case. Planet mercury is Karak of multiplicity so disease like cancer Agar shall always been seen with planet mercury. If mercury is with other planet ,it loses its own value and acts according to the conjoined planet and gives good bad effect according to that planet with it. If other planet with it is bad according to one’s kundli generally when it comes to it’s significantion mercury too camt be expected giving good effect. It’s like mercury loses its own existence.

People who are effected with mercury can be too much in hurry in giving response to any kind of outer Influence of aggression and makes them too much worried .


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