Finding The Goal Spread

I did this reading for myself this spread is about finding the goal spread. Here I talked about tarot career like my skills,my unknown talents etc.

My Starting Point- 8 of Swords- When I started doing tarot reading I was not sure that I will do it or not because that my family have not supported for this career.I open my blindfold and took the courage to take a step in tarot field with patiently.

My Strength and Skills- Six of Pentacles-My strength is I maintain balance with everyone also treat my client as a friend or a healer,I never ignore the plights of others.Sometimes I also gave free readings to surge my skills and bring new things in my field. And with my practice and innovative ideas I am still doing good.

This Is An Old Problem For Me- Knight of Pentacles- I don’t take risks in certain situation to invest something or not. Because I believe that success must be earned with practice and determination that’s my way to achieve.

My Weakness- Four of Wands- My weakness is that is that I want a new environment or to change my working environment.The four of wands are encouraging when things seem too daunting. I need to change from one stage to another,moving past mistakes and challenges to a place of peace.

Unknown Talents- Three of Cups- I have never worked in a teamwork where I get appraisal for my work by my teammates.If I do a work in a group that would be a successful for me and for my team.My unknown talents will come out by working in a team where I will access my creative abilities.

New Kind of Chances- The Chariot- After my hard work, determination. They are new kind of chances that I will get a success,may be I will travel,or to do tarot reading to other location. I need to look around and see what needs to be completed.

Proof That My Passion Are Worthwhile- King of Pentacles- In order to earn much joy and respective benefits of life,I am really not afraid of investing money and my skills. With the help of my daily reading,my skills are making myself more creative and more spiritual.

With Love
Tarot Reader Ruma


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