Numerology Analysis and Tarot Prediction
Anil Kumble
Born on 17th October 1970
With number 8 and 8
In His Name
Anil Kumble
11 22
Total :- 33 which is a combination of Jupiter and Jupiter makes him more knowledgeable
33 is for his full name:-33-A lucky number. Helps and assistance from higher officials. A man gets benefits out of love and affection of a woman.
11 is for his first name:-This is not an auspicious number. Such natives have fear and treachery at others end.
Born on 17:-Those born under the Number 17 are ambitious,independent and talented.He has a great combination of imagination and logical senses. He works together with the spirit of cooperation.
Basic Number 8:- He is very practical and honest. He is very hard working.His will power is very strong,which makes him capable to accomplish every tasks successfully.
Destiny Number 8:- Saturn is present in his number.He will give his best even in unfavorable conditions.More problems he will face,more he will succeed and make progress.
Health Issues:- Respiratory, Depression, Blood disorder and Gastric problem.
Favorable Days:-Saturday and Wednesday
Favorable Years:-20,29,38,47,56,65,74,83
Most Important Years:-36,42,47
Weak Periods:-From 1st January to 20th January and Last week of February,April and December
Strong Periods:-the period between 20th September and 25th October and 20th January to 20th February will be favorable for him.
Color:- Black,Dark Blue and Cloudy Color.
Tarot Prediction
How will be his tenure ship for Team India?
In starting he is going to be very disappointed with performance of his players.He may get feelings that he is giving too much but not getting nearly enough in exchange. He will build up confidence level of his players very rapidly.He will get many opportunities to prove himself as an outstanding coach for team India but he and his Indian Cricket team players really needs to work hard , to show outstanding performance.It will be a team effort.


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