Symbols in Tarot
1. The Magician
Crystal-In a right hand towards and left hand to the ground. He has direct access to the divine source for inspiration. He is manifesting energy to earth.

White Gown-Purity of his motive.

Red Over Garment-Passion and Power.

Gown is Belted by Serpent-Cycle of Rebirth.

Infinity Symbol-Constant Cycle. He understands the nature of energy and know that there is a limitless supply available to him.

Leminiscate-Energy of thoughts, he draws divine power from Universe.

Table-An area of attention to others in order to discuss or evaluate them.
A fool’s knapsack (All tools). He must find the balance of each tool and use carefully.

Wands – Action, Energy and Wishes.

Cups-Beauty, Emotions, Dreams and Imagination.

Swords – Mental Clarity, Judgment and Thoughts.

Pentacles – Patience, Determination and Finances.


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