Rahul Mahajan Numerology and Tarot Predictions

Born on 25.7.1975

With number 7 and 9

Combination of Ketu and Mars:- The combination of Ketu and Mars make him impulsive.

In His Name

Rahul Mahajan

17 18

Total:- 35 which is a combination of Jupiter and Saturn which make him popular.

35 is for his full name :- 35:- This is an auspicious number in future related things. It reveals that power will come from experience and learning from others activities will benefit. Success comes after lots of initial struggle.

17 is for your first name:A very lucky number.
Born on 25- He is cooperative, thoughtful and dynamic. He loves changes. He is very emotional and that’s why he is affected mentally and physically. He doesn’t express his feelings to anyone. Therefore, people may misunderstand him.

Basic Number 7:-Ketu will make him organized and skilled planner. He is attractive and charming. He is benevolent and donate with free hands. He thinks for the welfare of whole world and plan accordingly. He expresses his thoughts in his own style.

Destiny Number 9:- He is keen to make bold moves. Naturally, these will arouse much opposition and quite often there will be heated scenes. He has some intuitive power, which make him able to recognize truth and follow the right path to reach it.

Ank Kundali Results:-Sharp Mind, Foreign Journey and Good Speaker.

Health Problems:- Headache, Indigestion, blood disorder, Skin diseases. According to numerology, he should take extra care of his health during January, February, July, August and September.

Strong Periods:The Period between 21st June and 20th July will be favorable for him and beneficial for him.

Favorable Days:- Sunday,Monday and Wednesday.

Friendly Number:- 1,2,4&7

Favorable years:- 25,34,43,52,61,70,79 and 88.

Most Important Years-36 and 42

Colors:- Light Blue, Light Brown and Light Yellow.

Tarot Predictions

Will Rahul Mahajan join politics?
No, he can balance in politics as if he may provide assistance if essential ,but he will never join politics. If he join politics he is not going to be happy & he can provide good information and theories to new comers.

Will Rahul Mahajan marry again- Yes ,but now he doesn’t want to trust anyone. It’s a very important decision he will make, but he will hesitate to do until he has all the facts. He will be very honest to his partner. But some lady will interfere in his married life which can create certain problems.

How will be his third marriage?
He will do satisfactory negotiations with his partner, there will be fight between each other. There will be a lot of struggles in his married life. So he really needs to be careful to make his married life work properly. He must focus on his relationship with his future partner by understanding his partner’s feelings and must express his feeling appropriately to his future partner and must balance his married life.

Suggestion -He should change his name to get a beneficial results in his personal as well as professional life because his destiny number and his basic number does not matches with each other


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