Numerology Analysis


Born on 13th Dec 1955

With number 4 and 9

Combination of Rahu and Mars :- The combination of Rahu and Mars is neutral.

In His Name


25 19
Total = 44

44 is for his full name:-44 -This tells of heavy trouble and suspicion due to others’ company or assistance.

25 is for his first name:-The Number 25 is a combination of Numbers 2 and 5 – Moon conjoined with Mercury makes him wise.It reveals that power will come from experience and learning from others activities will benefit. Success comes after lots of initial struggle. Its result is auspicious in future related things.

Born on 13 :-He likes things that are solid and grounded in the practical. He is a natural organizer and manager with an eye for detail.He has excellent concentration. He possess the qualities of leaders and commanders. There is nothing that would hinder the success of his lives. He is man of action, he does not like being useless.

Destiny Number 9- Mars is present in his number.He is reliable, trustworthy and honorable. You tend to be quite sensitive, and have a soft corner for the whole world.He has a high level of energy and hold certain responsibilities.

Karmic Debt Number 6:- He should not allow the opinions of others to influence him.Learn to keep calm in tense situations.

Health Issues:- Heat, Blood pressure, Diabetes, Backache and pain in the joints.

Favorable Days:- Tuesday and Thursday.

Color:-Red and Yellow.


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