1. Eight of Cups; This card clearly depicts it’s meaning “letting go and enter into an unknown future.” Referring to this card image, a man is leaving his place by leaving eight goblets which is his worth earned by him in his whole life. So, this card tells you that you should leave you past, strong emotions and connections behind and move on towards a new path or journey. This card motivates you for self improvement, self understanding and willingness to do more. In general, Eight of Cups suggests you to move on in your life, detach yourself from others, go for a new investment, search a new love partner and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Eight of Cups

2. Death card; “Do not worry” when this card appears in your tarot reading. The image on death card is shown a Skelton wearing a suit of armor and shows his dominance to others. Death card does not predict deaths in family but it indicates recovery from health issues, past stickiness, transformation and transitions. It also predicts addition or birth in the family. This card signifies to be happy in your current situation and draw a line under the past to move forward in a positive direction. It generally tells you that forget your past strong emotions and actions and focus on your present and future only.

Death card

3. Six of Swords; The image of Six of Swords shows a woman and a child on a boat going out on a journey where a man accompanied them and pushing the boat along the river. The meaning is clear that you should put your mental focus on current period and leave the troubles behind. This card also tells you to heal and move on. Six of Swords is one of the encouraging card which suggests us that do not clinge with your past or the things. It tells you that soon your difficulties will be over and things will come down. Overall, it signifies that a person can only feel happy when he will leave his past completely.

Six of Swords

4. Wheel of Fortune; “Good luck!” You will definitely win a lottery.

Yes, this card generally predicts good fortune. This card is usually a positive card and represents luck and results after hard work. It represents things happening in cycle or step by step like every action has a reaction. In general context, Wheel of Fortune card tells you that your good time is about to come in a way of new promising love relationship, new job, job promotion or shifting to a new place.

Six of Swords

5. Ten of Swords; In this card, a man lies and his body faces down in the sand with ten swords and his fingers are crossed but sun rays are coming and he has some hope to move on with positivity. This card usually depicts backstabbing, betrayal and failure but with a positivity that a seeker has some hope to lift himself and he will definitely overcome from such circumstances. Ten of Swords denotes that currently you are in a bad situation and soon this phase will come to an end. It says that a seeker is shocked with the betrayal of his love partner, his financial losses and poor health but a seeker should not leave a ray of hope and believe in a good fortune.

Six of Swords

Ten of Swords

6. Chariot; Chariot card illustrates a warrior who is all about taking action and moving forward. This is one of the winning card in tarot readings by giving a message that you can definitely overcome from your past pain when you will leave the things behind and then you can have victory over your strong emotions. This card is used as a sing of encouragement because it motivates us for a new beginning where we can fulfill our demands at any cost by controlling past emotions. This card gives you a strong message that to be strong, positive, passionate and confident in situation and overcome from obstacles smartly.


7. Three of Wands; A man is standing and looking forward for something and he is aiming for and leaving his past behind. This card represents moving forward and being happy with your things. Also, this card suggests you that you can become by making proper future planning and visible goals. Three of Wands is a great card for seekers because it indicates that a new journey is waiting for them and seekers have to unlock it with their courage, discipline and positive vision. Overall, this card clearly motivates seekers for taking new steps in life and forget their past connections.

Three of Wands

8. All aces gives a message to forward like to take action on something where it is emotional or practical.


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